Cold Heading Parts

Best Cold Heading Parts Supplier

Hebei Yuanyue Trading co., Limited (Yuanye Trading) has been supplying Cold heading parts to the appliance, electronic, and medical industries for over 20 years. Our product line includes, but is not limited to automobile and forging parts, cold heading dies, comprehensive mold, welding nut, and more.
Our operations for making Cold heading parts include blow headers as well as open-die capacities. We offer secondary support and we have in-house tooling capabilities. We are specialized in producing different diameters and problem parts are our forte'.
With 20+ years of experience of in technical manufacturing, Yuanye Trading will prove to be a reliable asset to your company. We always look forward to opportunities to grow with our clients.

What is Cold Heading?

Cold heading manufacturing is a multi-step procedure to make metal parts at room temperature. Unlike other processes, dies and hammers are used at full speed to form the metal without heating the material.

Quality Driven Cold Heading Parts Supplier

We start with quality and end with the same. We have a separate department for Quality Control (QC). Each and every unit has to pass through a stringent QC procedure. This helps us to produce error-free Cold heading parts for our clients.
ISO 14001 certifications prove our commitment to quality. Further, we have implemented a program that is there to improve the morale of team members and the overall operating environment.
Our flexibility, capabilities, and multiple locations combined with our 20 plus years of manufacturing experience give customers a stable supplier for manufacturing excellence and continued growth.
We have experienced workforce to provide high quality items. So, if you are in search of an error-free and quality-driven cold heading components manufacturer, then we are the best organization to work with.