Customized automotive bushing

Customized Automotive Bushing Supplier in China

Hebei Yuanyue Trading Co., Limited is a professional customized automotive bushing supplier in China. Our rubber bush is a one-of-a-kind product related to vibration isolators. It is also described as an anti-vibration mounting or flexible mounting. An automotive bushing is used primarily for automotive (vehicles) and industrial
Custom rubber bushing can reduce vibration and absorb shock for relevant equipment. Hebei Yuanye always produces these bushes as per the customers’ requests. You can contact us and we will do our best to satisfy you.

Why Choose Us

Hebei Yuanyue Trading Co., Limited is a decade-old Customized automotive bushing supplier to automotive companies with an array of products. Our automotive parts are used for
• vibration and noise dampening,
• bumper stops under seats,
• muffler hangers, and
• Tight-tolerance intricate seals for electronic sensors.

Best Customized Automotive Bushing Services

Our corporate philosophy is based on service. Therefore, we remain committed to replying to calls within 24 hours. Our main target remains to deliver orders within the agreed time. Turnaround time is our core competency. We gain and then retain customers when current Customized automotive bushing suppliers couldn't meet crucial deadlines.

Wide Range of Offerings

Our products include a metal sleeve, nut forming die, tungsten carbide die, trimming die, ejector pins, cold heading parts, and more.
We have established long-term relationships with various China-based manufacturing partners to offer our customers diversified products, support, and services. So, get a quote and boost your sales!

Expertise Which is Next to None

Our experienced experts offer custom parts and design assistance that solve issues for manufacturers and end-users. We formulate different custom compounds to provide specialized bushing that no one can match.
Therefore, major businesses look to us for early supply. Also, small companies bank on us for design assistance along with concepts.