Customized Metal Sleeve

Customized metal sleeve


Best Customized Metal Sleeve Manufacturer

As a trusted name in the Chinese industry, Hebei Yuanyue Trading Co., Limited has the capacity and will to supply customized metal sleeve and other products like trimming die for small-scale businesses and retailers in China and overseas.
Our company was established in 2010. We combine the powerful strategic flexibilities and benefits of manufacturing in China, with stringent quality documentation and standards protocols to offer quality and foolproof products.

Customized Metal Sleeve Supplier

• More than 1o years as a leading customized metal sleeve manufacturer
• Advanced engineering capability
• Advanced machining operations that are specifically set up to meet the dimensional specifications and
close tolerance required for our clients
• Low cost to accommodate every small to large scale enterprise
• Best and inexpensive material sourcing for shortest lead times and massive flexibility
• Unbeatable logistical benefit, thanks to low-cost and proactive manufacturing facility
• Efficient inventory management that minimizes lead times
• Large warehousing is provided for customers, which is advantageous to each customer.
• Strict and ISO-friendly quality control systems
• Nationwide reputation for expert as an expert customized metal sleeve manufacturer

Why Choose Us

• High Flexibility
• We help you to minimize energy loss by sustaining heat within pipework
• Flawless flame resistance
• Good corrosion resistance

Our Specialty

We maintain our focus on maintaining passion, positive attitude and keep getting familiar with the latest advancement to satisfy every dimension of our customers’ needs.
We want our customized metal sleeve to be the main reason for gaining customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. We pay attention to maintaining work ethics and offer you products with market competitive prices.
We serve different industries including the motorcycle industry, automobile industry, railway and Bridges, furniture, and other supporting sectors. So, get a quote if you operate among these industries.