Product introduction: It is one of the new processes of metal pressure processing with little or no cutting, and it is a kind of plastic deformation of metal by the action of external force.

Benefits: High material utilization, good mechanical properties, high production efficiency, etc.

Dimension: 8B、14B、19B、24B、41B cold forging equipment,the max outer diameter can produce 41mm.


The mold is a tool that makes the blank into a part with a specific shape and size under the action of external force. Different molds are composed of different parts. It realizes the processing of the shape of the product by changing the physical state of the formed material, and is known as the "mother of industry". The development of mold production is one of the important signs of the level of mechanical manufacturing.

We have the necessary processing equipment for mold manufacturing, such as CNC, grinders, drill machines, WEDM, lathes, etc.; we also have a number of technicians with rich experience in mold processing and production, which are indispensable key factor for the company to manufacture high-quality molds.

Our company has advanced cold forging and stamping mold processing workshops. Mold processing equipment includes machining centers, grinders, drill machines, wire cutting, lathes and other necessary equipment for mold fabrication. The precision of wire cutting and CNC machining can reach 0.005mm, and the precision of grinder can reach 0.002mm.