Trimming Die


Best Trimming Die Manufacturer

One of our main businesses is manufacturing trimming dies for the Chinese die casting industry. Hebei Yuanye uses its specialized processes, technology, knowledge, and experience to offer you quality trimming die at the lowest possible rates.
Here's how we get to our goal:

Innovative Design Using Trimming Die

Our seasoned designers use the latest CAM or CAD software along with your 3D part model, part drawing, and mold design to begin development even before we get the sample casting.

Experienced Die Makers

Our engineers are dedicated to quality, precision, and craftsmanship. Our staff has an average of two decades of experience making trimming die.

Efficient Production

Using state-of-the-art CNC machines and specialized pre-build methods to make quality trim tools that operate right the first time.

How we Make the Difference

We make a strategic bond with our clients. We work together to make sure you get complete satisfaction with your trim dies. We treat clients as trusted partners throughout the whole process of developing and designing your trimming tools.
Design - We help in determining the best trim solution for cost and performance over the life of the component.
Development - We apply the latest technologies related to 3D design and modern CNC wire equipment alongside specialized pre-built techniques to offer tools in as minimum time as possible.
Delivery - Every trimming die we produce is rigorously tested before we deliver it. So, you know it will satisfy our clients’ requirements and correctly perform the first time.
We believe in the business of offering quality trimming dies for use by Chinese and international companies as a tool to enhance the process and add value to their finished products. So, if you need the trimming die that can satisfy your clients, then contact us now!