Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten Carbide Dies Supplier

We are a professional Chinese supplier of tungsten carbide dies. We are located in Renqiu City, China, and operating since 2010 having esteemed clientele. If you need the best end products manufactured at the real lowest price, then you have to make your metal using carbide dies.
We produce carbide dies using both the standard configurations (square, round, hexagonal, and rectangle) and in customized shapes as per our customer's specifications.
Drawing dies are used normally to draw rods, bar, wire, and tube. Commonly drawn metals include aluminum alloys, steel alloys, and copper alloys.

Quality-Driven Tungsten Carbide Dies Supplier

We are dedicated to delivering China’s highest quality tungsten carbide dies and tooling. We offer a quick turnaround and offer it all at the lowest price for you.
Our capability to deliver high-value and low-cost products is possible through a decade of experience in the industry. We have a relentless pursuit of client satisfaction. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Each of our products is produced using the leading technology.

Get the Lasting Tungsten Carbide Dies

We can save you money by providing long-lasting tungsten carbide dies. With Hebei Yuanye, your tools are treated and manufactured to ensure they last as long as possible, at a sensible and market-competitive price point.
Changing worn-out dies isn’t an extra expense. It also brings unwanted downtime on your labor and machine costs. This is another aspect where our expert staff can be beneficial.

We Cover Wide Spectrum

We specialize in ejector pins, trimming die, punch mold, nut forming die, metal sleeve, automotive bushing, and more. Our focused approach permits us to fulfill our promises. We believe in the buzzword “competitive edge”. It means we provide you with a benefit in the marketplace and ultimately aid to ensure your success.